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Our Hours
Monday - Friday
11:00am - 7pm


11:00am - 7pm

Compassionate Caregivers of Studio City's Clone Department


Welcome to CCSC's Clone Department!
 We have just remodeled and now we carry samples of our clones in the dipensary located on site for your veiwing and purchase! This now gives the patient an opportunity to see what the finished product looks like.With all the changes in the laws lately, we want to provide a safe, legal means for patients to grow their own medicine. We specialize in healthy clones with great genetics. We offer a great variety as well as a healthy selection to choose from. Come on in and let our expert clone analyst help you choose a clone or set of clones that will match your doctor's recommendation. We also provide written material to help even the most , "non" green thumb patient produce quality medicine. Check out CCSCITY.COM for samples of finished product!


Thanks for your support on Proposition D. Now we can expand to serve the patients better!


We are Proposition 215 and SB420 Compliant. You must have a valid doctor recommendation to participate in our nursery co-op.